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Sunday, 10 July 2011

i love the way you...WALK...the way you TALK...the way you SMILE...and MORE!!!!!!!!

whoahahaha.. =) hey boy... actually.. i really wanna hear you VOICE! and finally!! i hear it! great!! <3 and i love it!! whoahahhaha,.. =)...i miss you...wht are you doing right now??? okay..don't you wanna know something??? i like you since the first time i see ya!! the first time i chat with ya!! you're kind... =)  and cute...but totally handsome.. i like ya!! a lot!! i like ya!! <3 anddd..i know i've told it many times..i still wanna say it...until//////// i don't know??/ don't ask okay??? okay right now..the reason why i like ya!! *you're different with another guy/..you're unique...kind...smart!!! and more..you're honest boy.. =)  i really mean it!! no joking okay??? whoahahaha.. =) love ya!! <3 i'm to know you... i will talk about you later.. =)  this pic it for ya!!!!!!!! i mean it!!!!!!

..=) cute...

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