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Saturday, 16 July 2011

bored..and i wish we could be more closer!!!!!!!

it is a quite...stupid statement..so forget about i..idk wht to post and..i've wrote it..and now..it's blur?? cuz i just can repeat wht i want..all just i want is you...is you and the answer is always you....and.. onething..i just like you..and no one else!!!!!!!! i mean it.okay..only you can make me smile like a stupid person that don't know anything..and i'm no hungry right now..i don;t need a lot of food i just need you... =) ..just like i've said it's you..you..and you.. =)you and you and you.. and you;re very nice..i'm glad and i'm very thankful cuz i can know you.. <3 i wish we can be more close .. +) i'm very like you i miean it!!!!!!!  =) really.. i hope i can be your...best friend..and more...you're diffrent...with another boy that i've evr know IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!  trust me!! you're..i love you actually.. =) but i hope you feel the same way!!!!! but.. my daday's here.. igtg..i'll continued it later okay..bye2

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