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Friday, 15 July 2011

i am acually waitin' you to say,,,

hey boy..i wanna say something..i'm glad to know you.. <3 you're sucha  great boy ever in my life.. ,3 ever!! ever!! and i'm happy to see your  sweet smile.. =) i love the way you walk the way you talk about your prb to me..the way you eatin'/..the way you do everything... =) i can't breath if i didn't see ya!!! =) whoahahah yo' are just like my life extra oxygen,.just like everything you've talk to me..it was great! i'm glad to know you..the way to talk..the way you do something that make my day..i don't know...but you've a great attitude,,,i'm glad cuz i can know you..talk to you...watch your sweet smile..and... i really like you..you...and you.. <3 

i wish i could be yours... <3

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