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Saturday, 16 July 2011

bored..and i wish we could be more closer!!!!!!!

it is a quite...stupid statement..so forget about i..idk wht to post and..i've wrote it..and now..it's blur?? cuz i just can repeat wht i want..all just i want is you...is you and the answer is always you....and.. onething..i just like you..and no one else!!!!!!!! i mean it.okay..only you can make me smile like a stupid person that don't know anything..and i'm no hungry right now..i don;t need a lot of food i just need you... =) ..just like i've said it's you..you..and you.. =)you and you and you.. and you;re very nice..i'm glad and i'm very thankful cuz i can know you.. <3 i wish we can be more close .. +) i'm very like you i miean it!!!!!!!  =) really.. i hope i can be your...best friend..and more...you're diffrent...with another boy that i've evr know IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!  trust me!! you're..i love you actually.. =) but i hope you feel the same way!!!!! but.. my daday's here.. igtg..i'll continued it later okay..bye2

Friday, 15 July 2011

i am acually waitin' you to say,,,

hey boy..i wanna say something..i'm glad to know you.. <3 you're sucha  great boy ever in my life.. ,3 ever!! ever!! and i'm happy to see your  sweet smile.. =) i love the way you walk the way you talk about your prb to me..the way you eatin'/..the way you do everything... =) i can't breath if i didn't see ya!!! =) whoahahah yo' are just like my life extra oxygen,.just like everything you've talk to me..it was great! i'm glad to know you..the way to talk..the way you do something that make my day..i don't know...but you've a great attitude,,,i'm glad cuz i can know you..talk to you...watch your sweet smile..and... i really like you..you...and you.. <3 

i wish i could be yours... <3

my fav song.. =) right now...and i love my big sis.. =) selena gomez.. =)

i love you...like a love sing.. <3 but more..and i mean it...but don't you know that....really... i like you..it's come naturally.. <3when i see ya..i feels something different..really/// and ...i don't know why...but..you are different with another guy that i've ever known in my life///..i'm sorry..talk later..bye...

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

i'm officially tired to doing all of my HOMEWORK!!!!!!!

i'm tired...tired and tired... more than i can say..it's stupid things..i don't know why..but please don't give me another h/w..please don't?? i won't do it..okay?? i wish i can totally finish all of my H/w..it's not cool...hate it....but i need to do it for my best...just like my friend namie said..."cuti setahun"!!! ha..tu lha bgz2...tpi fb je lah...eh...okay..gtg..bye my lovely blogger!! A.K.A my not to diary..bye2.. =)

actually...it's nice to know people that we don't know..i mean...from another school..another country..but not from another planet...

i mean... it... yeah...it's cuz of one song...we're meet...he's nice friend... =) yeah great..but..i wanna talk about somebody!! i say "somebody" i'll continued it later..it about..friend...maybe bestfriend.. next time okay...

i'm bored.. i miss someone..but idk who's that..and really.. =) i love him.. i met him in this evening...at...he's cute//trust me..and that song...it's one of my fav song...i have 100 and more fav song...from jb...selena gomez...joe brooks...demi lovato..and talk later.. i can't talk more..abuot ou MRS>BITCH!!!!  i really don't wanna hate you okay??? i forgive you for this time...this bcoz of i have brain...okay...SMILE!!!!!



  where have you been?? i'm waitin' you to reply my chat////are you busy??
everyone is always busy...no one care about me..you know that i am bored?? don't you know that?? whohahah i'm kdding...  i love ya!! <3